Montenegro Tourist Attractions

General Information

Montenegro, which is also often nicknamed “Pearl of the Adriatic”, is a small European country with a total area of 13,500 square kilometers and the population of not much more than 650,000. Although the country is so small, it is known for its diversity of landscapes. It has about 300 kilometer- long cost with smaller or bigger bays, which are lying in the shade of pine forests, with beautiful sandy or gravel beaches, cities full of historical monuments and small fishing villages.

In the heart of the country there are numerous lakes and rivers, uplands or high mountain ranges of the Dinaric Alps which are covered with snow even in summer. Apart of its rich nature, many historical monuments make Montenegro so attractive. Some of the monuments are listed in the UNESCO List of World Heritage. The cultural heritage was shaped by Illyrian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Venetian and Islamic influences.

The history of this country started only a couple of years ago. The agreement of 14 march 2002, negotiated with the help of the European Union, aimed only at establishing by Serbia and Montenegro a loose federation named “Serbia and Montenegro”. In April 2002 the parliaments of both republics approved the agreement. The parliament of the Yugoslav federation passed, after the nine-month long negotiations, a constitutional act which proclaimed the establishing of a new country on 4 February 2003. From this moment the both republics share the following: the president together with four ministers, single chamber parliament, defense and foreign policy and the membership in the UN. Nevertheless, the countries have separate governments, parliaments, currency, customs service, police, the Constitutional Court and economy policy. In 2006, that is after 3 years the agreement is in force, both republics may hold a referendum to declare their own independence.

Nowadays Montenegro attracts more and more tourists who are tempted by beautiful beaches, warm sea, mountain landscapes as well as by prices which are still low mainly in comparison with the neighboring Croatia.

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