Croatia Tourist Attractions

General Information

Croatia is a very beautiful country which is located in the southeastern part of Europe and on the Adriatic Sea coast. After the division of former Yugoslavia, independent Croatia borders on Slovenia, Hungary, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Croatia is a relatively small country and it covers a land area of a little bit more than 56,000 square kilometers. The population of about 4.5 million people in Croatia is ethnically very diverse. It is very difficult to find another country in Europe, where so many people of different nationalities live. About 78% of the population is Croat which is of course the majority. Next numerous groups are: Serbians 12%, Muslims 1%, Hungarians 0.5%, Slovenes 0.5%, Czechs 0,4%, Albanians 0.3%, Montenegrins 0.3%, Roma people 0.2% and others- 6.6%. As far as the predominant religion in Croatia is concerned, about 90% of population is Christian (77% of Catholics, 11% of Orthodox Church members). Moreover, the Muslim (mainly Bosnian people) and Protestant (mainly Hungarian people) minority also lives in Croatia.

In just a couple of years after the war, which broke out in former Yugoslavia, Croatia managed to restore its position as an independent country in a surprisingly short period of time and its position as a one of most willingly visited countries by foreign tourists. It is worth mentioning that as a result of the war the economy suffered a lot and a lot of historical monuments and much of cultural heritage were partially or wholly destroyed. As far as landscapes are concerned, Croatia is a very diverse country. Many wild, steep ravines and deep rivers’ valleys, high mountains and beautiful seacoast with a large number of picturesque bays and islands are to be found in Croatia. The area of the Istria Peninsula up to Gorski kotar (Mountain District) is occupied by the plateau which ends in a hilly wine-growing area of Zagorje. Welebit, the costal limestone mountain range of the Dinaric Alps together with the Istria Peninsula are one of the most beautiful karst areas in Europe which are known for their diversity of formations.

Apart from its natural resources, Croatia has also well-developed accommodation and catering facilities in its continental part where the main centers are located: Zagreb and Varaždin as well as Adriatic Dalmatia. Croatia is the best destination mainly for these tourists, who apart from beautiful landscapes, uniquely clean sea and charming bays are willing to learn something about the rich history of this country, its historical monuments and culture.

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